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Series Development

Workshop Videos & Script Samples


Opening (3 min) Segment from January, 2018 Workshop Shoot    

How Shooting Workshop Versions

Of Your Episode Scripts

Helps You As A Writer See The "Series" 


From THE  CREW Writer / Showrunner

Trayce Gardner



"Because I loved so many of the Actors who applied for our original workshop casting call, I kept creating new Characters!  I ended up with (18!) Characters.  I gave the primary crew of (7) an extended  networks of family,  friends, and rivals.  Then I promised all (18!) Actors I would write a significant storyline for each of them. Those (18) storylines all had to tie together somehow to help fuel the Series main storyline -- ANTHONY trying to make his feature (MARVIN)!   


Where to start?  With workshops!   How much did I learn from the workshops?   Just watch below the opening entrance of the Crew in the first workshop version we shot in September 2017 (four months before we shot the  January 2018 workshop). The September 2017 Crew entrance is flat (boring!) and gives no info on the Crew as people.   


Being able though to view that first workshop's footage inspired me in my script rewrite to create a dynamic group entrance, that at the same time individualizes each Character.   It's fun now to compare the two versions! "

(NOTE: In early 2019, I rewrote Episode #1 again -- helped by the January 2018 workshop footage.   Episode #1 has now been

finalized to include in THE CREW Pitch Package.)

Looking Back On Opening Crew Entrance 

from  1st Workshop Shoot (September, 2017)   



"Successful Showrunners know people watch Series not just because they're hooked on storylines. Audiences have to be equally hooked on the distinctive Characters/Actors and seeing how they'll respond to new situations.


The improv, discussions, and research we did in the workshops, and especially our workshop shoots, helped my actors develop a clearer vision of their  characters -- their attitudes, mannerisms, wardrobe and props, as well as relationships to other Characters.  This enabled Actors to be  more playful and authentic in their performances.   

As I got to know the Actors through the workshops (which included socializing-over-refreshments-time), I witnessed real life qualities and interactions that I could use for the Characters.  As a Showrunner you need Actors who help inspire the evolution of Characters and storylines !"