The world is changing -- including the film world.   The best way for an unknown filmmaker to launch a career in New York City is no longer shooting a Short Film -- it's creating a Series.   This year a record number of Series (56!) are shooting in New York City.   In addition to network and cable TV, there is a growing number of platforms shopping for Series, including streaming services like Netflix, Hulu,  Amazon, YouTube,  Apple Music, and now even brands like Budweiser and Unilever!

A SERIES IS NOT A SHORT FILM OR FEATURE.   It's different.  A Series must have layered storylines that can evolve over multiple seasons, and Actors who create vivid Characters who audiences will remember.  Too often beginning filmmakers are in a rush to lock a script, fixate on getting an expensive camera and costly locations with limited access, and spend next to no time continuing to evolve their scripts or helping their Actors investigate and build their Characters.

We invite you to slow down and learn with us (or if you have experience come share what you know).  In between our Workshops we will be posting online discussions, lessons, and videos, as we (learn how to) build our social media.   

Peace & Future

Trayce Gardner

I’m thrilled to introduce “THE CREW” Series Workshops, and “THE CREW” Actors Ensemble.  The Actors are brainstorming with me as I develop the characters and storylines for “THE CREW” Series Bible for Seasons #1 and #2  (each Season having (10) 30 minute Episodes), and they will be participating in the Workshops .  


We are inviting you to join in our brainstorming and learning!  As “THE CREW” Writer/Showrunner, I am offering the development of my own creative work as a vehicle for community learning. 

I’m also Founder/Director of Brooklyn Young Filmmakers, a small volunteer run non-profit. People’s Hollywood Project is our re-branding, making it clear our focus  is working-class adults of all ages, and our efforts are as much aimed at self-development and community bridging as they are aimed at  filmmaking education.