Brooklyn Young Filmmakers           



We're not prepared for jobs in film and the arts*

Nor are we encouraged to be creative

in our everyday lives, which too often 

become just about survival

and being entertained


*There are excellent filmmaking programs serving small groups of teens and young adults.  We're concerned about the lack of education in the larger community (what  young people call home).

We don't realize that people in film do many of 

the same jobs we do in the regular world....

But in film there are:

  • different job titles 

  • additional duties and equipment 

  • constantly changing bosses

  • wildly different work environments

  • 15 hr days and erratic schedules

  • need to learn how to problem solve on your own

  • requirement to work as contributing team member

  • love of storytelling

  • ability to articulate what you imagine or question 

  • excitement about constantly adventuring into the unknown