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In October two women  protesting the Sentate hearings for Supreme Court nominee  Bret Kavanaugh, cornered Senator Flake in an elevator.  Perhaps the

most powerful moment was when the Senator looked away from the woman speaking, and that woman commanded, “Look at me!”  And he did.

In these times we are demanding our truth be heard -- while  struggling to figure out how to express it with the often limited tools we have.

  "As TV Seeks Diverse Writing Ranks, 

     Rising Demand Meets Short Supply"

                  NYTimes  (9/2/18)

Why is this a great time to make our truth be shot?   Because we  -- people of color, women, working-class -- now represent substantial Film and Series niche markets, and the media we are creating is  increasingly crossing over to "mainsteam" success. 

  "For Us By Us

The Mainsteam Appeal of Black Content "

    Nielsen (2/8/17)

" 'Crazy Rich Asians'  Success Has Hollywood

Scrambling For Similar Asian-centric Stories"

    NBC News (9/5/18)

"Most Latino Films Still In No-Man's Land

Despite Growing Audience"

    NPR (2/9/17)

There is a rapidly growning number of Series -- on networks, cable, and online -- with diverse casts focused on exploring cultural experiences -- thru humor, drama, sy-fy, horror, you name it.  As people of color and women increasingly breakthrough as Directors, Producers, Actors, and Cinematographers, they are recruiting their own as Writers and as Crew.

                So maybe now for the first time you're thinking:


   "Hey, that's sounds like cool work!  

          How do you get to do it?"     


            "It might be fun to help on a little film shoot with

my family or friends or even strangers, and

start to learn some practical information

about the film industry ." 


Or have you already started your own playing around? 

Do you have a camera on your phone?!  

Now everyone is shooting videos, even just to post online to share with family.   Many are trying to create stories and to get better, self teaching with the help of YouTube instructural videos. And many are spending money to develop their passion projects -- not big money, but still money is being spent.

There is a growing working-class adult 
 market for learning about filmmaking 

Our business plan is aimed at finding and serving this market, while also using them as community ambassadors to help spread information and interest in their local communities about filmmaking as a vehicle for both self-development and careers.



is not meant to be located in  a  building  with  a  big  staff. It is to be a coalition of many in neighborhoods from Brownsville to Bushwick  -- small businesses, community organizations, libraries, craftspeople, artists, musicans, professional filmmakers, and helpful neighbors.  All playing small but vital parts in helping to support the development of low/no budget filmmakers -- both the hobbyists and those aiming to make careers.