Sarah Garza is         




A native Texan and "naturalized" New Yorker, Sarah is thrilled to be joining "The Crew." She holds a BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. A love of the performing arts came early, seeing touring productions with her mom in Houston and watching classic movie musicals endlessly as a child. Endlessly.


Sarah has worked consistently in theatre and film since graduating college, locally and on tour. Favorite recent productions include "It's Easy! The Friend Strong Musical," "The House by the Stable/ Grab and Grace," and "The Laramie Project." Film work includes "Awakening" (Garden State Film Festival) and "Where I Want to Be" (Northeast Film Festival).



1. Mom is a teacher, Dad a cop.They  instilled a strong work ethic; a fierce

sense of right and wrong; and the belief that she should  always be the best of her best  (and don't let anyone stop her).

2. Mexican-Cherokee Texan, her pregnant mother cried as she read a  short story about a little girl who stands up to evil adult force.  Then named her daughter after the vulnerable heroine, KAZIA (giving her own meaning -- one who causes important things to happen).


3. Out of college she started out in fashion photography.  When a client  hired her to shoot a promo video -- Kazia

realized she could  want to shoot films!

3.  Film genre she wants to work in Action Films -- having watched hours with her Dad.   Follows Maryse Alberti (DP for CREED).  Her dream is to be accepted by Cinematographers XX, an association of women DPs.

4.  Firing on all cylinders seeing opportunities opening up for women DP --she's easily frustrated  with anything (one) blocking her -- as witnessed in the ulcer she is fighting.

5.  She lives in Bushwick and knows the  best vintage clothing shopsBut she hides her style, heels, and fem side from the crew.  On Set Kazia  wears a uniform of baggy clothes, heavy boots, and knotted hair.

6.  She's been with her older fiancé  for ten years.  Now that he has a good job that can support both of  them, he wants marriage and kids now.   

7.  Oral fixation (chews on things).        Always has chewed on pen that sheuses to sketch shots on any paper or surface available. 

8.  Can't shake coffee and smoking  habits from her fashion days. Total  caffeine addict (coffee -- not Red Bull).  Always carries a thermos.  Always wants a coffee run.  Fiance made her give up 

smoking, but if there's a smoker near  she takes comfort from the smell.  


9.  The rare occasions when her time is really free, Kazia dresses up, goes to the Medieval Hall at the Met and plays movie soundtracks in her  earbuds  as she shoot stills of hellscapes and battle murals.

10. Favorite Movies: