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Sam lives in the West Village, Manhattan.  Born and raised in Westchester, NY, his first big break came when he was ten – and was cast as Frosty the Snowman in the school play!  (“Still wondering today, should I keep that on my resume or not?!”)


Sam began attending acting classes at The Barrow Group in 2013.  Between Frosty & Barrow he had gotten caught up in trying to be the responsible adult with a "professional" job.  He worked in Financial Technology, originally as an analyst and eventually in sales.  


Between Frosty & Barrow, Sam had lost sight of doing what he enjoyed.  He  panicked!  He felt himself drifting further and further away from his creative self (what did that even mean as an adult?). Then he remembered Frosty! Frosty was acting -- sorta.  He started taking classes at the Barrow Group to have a creative outlet.


Sam immediately fell in love with the process of acting:



Sam realized he wanted to push acting as a career!  He took intensive sessions in small groups to improve his audition process, before getting head shots and going out for roles. He now views training as an actor to be an ongoing process, most recently fueling his imagination at Improvolution and joining in 2016 Kevin Spacey's online Masters Program for Actors (before the scandals and the class being pulled).


Sam reports, “New York is a great place for a an actor to build a career because there are so many bright young minds here between NYU, Columbia, Pratt, SVA, NYFA, etc. I was able to build myself a reel working for next to nothing (in many cases nothing) for students working on their master's thesis films. I've since been fortunate enough to start getting professional work, both commercial and film.


I’m excited to help break ground on this exciting new project, THE CREW!  It’s a unique treat as an Actor to be part of the creative development process for the whole series.  


Trayce, the Writer/Showrunner, is constantly finding ways to empowered us Actors to be contributors. Getting us to think about the many interpretations and tools we can use to development our individual characters as ‘human beings’ (as she would say). 


Though THE CREW has a big cast, Trayce is constantly pulling from us all in a group setting, using our ideas and experiences to help her write episodes, so the diverse characters have needs and storylines that cross and echo each other.   


THE CREW team is a dynamic group of individuals who I could not be happier to share a stage with (so to speak)!"


Important facts about Travers that you might  (or might not) relate to:

1.  Born into the film union Local 52 (like his life-long friend, George White)


2. Born, raised, and lives in Rivers Edge,  New Jersey  (near life-long friend, GW)


3. As a child imitated Forrest Gump for weeks on end before his parents scolded him and told him to come out of it.


4. Is inspired by Method Actors who try to become possessed by  their characters in everyday life.  


5. Huge New York sports fan (Giants, Yankees, of course -- Knicks sorta)


6. Quick with a laugh and loves to wisecrack


7. Never one to turn down a drink (or two)!



1.    Travis grew up an outsider in an Ocean County, New Jersey family  that only knew how to express  disappointment, anger, suspicion, judgement, and ridicule.  From age two Travis liked to dance and laugh, which he did by himself while his family watched.


2.    When Travis was ten his ten year older brother (who continued to live at home) joined the New Jersey based Aryan Strikeforce.   Travis stopped dancing and goofing around his brother.   He learned how to tip-toe, as did the rest of the family.

3.    In high school, looking for ways to stay away from home, Travis joined the theater group.  He answered a call to help with sets and ended up wanting to act.     Soon he was dancing and laughing  again!   But he told no one in his family.  He especially didn't want them to know about the types of shows he was in, or the kinds of people who were his people now.  

4.   After high school Travis was saved by a distant cousin who lived in Essex County, NJ.  The cousin worked in Local 52 and got Travis in.  That's where Travis met his now best friend GEORGE WHITE (GW), and how Travis learned how to be a Grip and got away from his family (he moved into his cousin's basement).

5.    GW's ambitions to be a creative got Travis thinking about acting again.  Once he knew his job as a grip and was making money, he could afford to take acting classes.   Travis became  fanatical about Method Actors who try to become possessed by their characters in everyday life.

6.    GW wrote the starring role in his horror script for Travis,  inspired by how one Halloween Travis  transformed himself into a bizarre  Heather-Ledger-like Joker and freaked out everyone with his behavior.

7.    Good at getting people to smile, Travis is laid back and just rolls with things. Wears old hoodies and t-shirts, van sneakers, and long hair he constantly plays with (scratching, putting in a bun, chewing, etc.).  His unease and emotions show in little quirks -- twisting the jewelry on his left wrist; licking his lips; hand gestures; crossing his legs diagonally. 

8.    Travis is often not practical; gets overly enthusiastic about an idea (or character) to the point where he becomes unfocused and unaware of what’s going on around him -- annoying and frustrating others.

9.    Amused by GW's New Jersey loyalty, but he doesn't share it.  Travis' sense of hometown  loyalty manifests in his being a huge New York sports fan (Giants, Yankees of course -- Knicks sorta).   


10.  Favorite Movies:

Forest Gump (1994)

Dark Knight  (2008)