• Trayce

We're Open!

The People's Hollywood website is ready ! Three years of developing content and strategy ! Total volunteer-no-$-project. But total freedom to express as we want,

and to be playful as we do so. So this blog will be about everything !

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and we want to share learning content created by you . You can reach us by posting a comment or contacting us by email.

As we start promoting our free online Scriptwriting and Filmmaking Lessons through social media and in the local communities of Brownwsville to Bushwick, we are also recruiting volunteers to help us plan and facilitate our first PH free community workshops in May (one in Brownsville and one in Bushwick).

Help us be found!

Take time to check out content on a page.

Even it doesn't fit your passions or what you want to spend time learning or discussing,

if you find the content worthwhile and unique, and you can imagine it speaking to someone -- Put the word out there !

Help us develop a People's Hollywood !

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