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What Is A People's Hollywood? (in more than a 160 spaces)

So after coming up with description of PH for our twitter account (160 spaces), I'm trying to figure out how to present PH in a summation to give to community leaders. This is what I've come up with :


Brooklyn based, volunteer run demonstration project, launching a free online learning resource and community building website for working Adults of all ages.

This is our first step of a long term plan to build support for a Community Filmmaking District from Brownsville to Bushwick.

We are promoting DIY low/no budget short filmmaking based on resources you already have, and done with a team your recruit from family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers.

Shift from being a consumer of media to a creator with a hands-on real life project that has easily doable goals – create a (2-5) page script to self-produce as a one day shoot. (Lessons)

You don’t have to be interested in filmmaking to want all the benefits of doing the People’s Hollywood Lessons as a Team:

§ improved communication, planning, and problem solving skills

§ learning to be a better Storyteller you’ll understand better the behaviors of people in your life

§ discover how to create self-guided everyday life outlets for your passion and creativity

§ get peer mentoring

§ be guided to new kinds of collaborations with people in your local neighborhoods who you would never meet otherwise

§ apply what you learn to all the other areas of your life

§ increased understanding of the booming NYC Film and TV industry and the pathways in

Our Artists Resource Directory promotes a new kind of opportunity for Filmmakers, Craftspeople, and Artists, from student to professional levels, to share their skills and experiences with Adult beginners in the local community. The minimum volunteer commitment is only (2) hours! And it’s done at your convenience in the form of a Team consultation or participating in a group SkillShare.


The Film and TV Industry gets the biggest tax credits of any industry in NYC, which has propelled it to being a $9 billion a year and growing industry. Netflix is building a big production center in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Robert DeNiro and investors are building a sprawling film studios in Queens (in addition to Silvercup Studios). The biggest studio facilities outside of Hollywood, LA is the Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Productions are shooting on the streets in everyone’s neighborhood.

We’re surrounded by and supporting the growth of NYC’s Hollywood. Where is the giveback of the industry to the community? What do our elected and community leaders even know about asking?

With the explosive growth of streaming platforms, there is rising demand for people of color and women writers and filmmakers. There are professional training programs for inspired and determined individuals, and a few special teen programs.

But where is community level education? Most working adults (and their kids) know nothing about filmmaking and its diverse jobs. These same working adults often have little creative stimuli in their neighborhoods (and if it’s gentrified, that they can afford). Yet everyone is shooting something on their phones……

(More on ‘NYC Film & TV Industry And Us’)


People’s Hollywood is a project of Brooklyn Young Filmmakers, a small volunteer non-profit, which stopped offering regular services in 2014, and since has been experimenting with learning formats, visiting neighborhoods and brainstorming to come up with the People’s Hollywood.

We are committed to creating a low/no cost self-guiding journey for working adults that will teach them how to create their own door-opening, faith building experiences in everyday life, in home and local community. For more on our history and evolving strategy read the Director’s Message.

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