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Patrick started acting in 2013. He has played principal roles in several plays, numerous short and student films, and features.   He has also played lead characters in several commercials, and was an extra in a Derek Jeter tribute commercial which aired during Jeter's retirement ceremony. 


Patrick is excited about helping to develop, and playing MURPHY, DEREK’s Step-Father.   He believes that the magical chemistry THE CREW Cast has is going to breathe life into the Series.



1.    Murphy grew up in New Jersey in a family of NYPD  cops.   He became one, taking the George Washington bridge to all the boroughs of New York City,  ending up on patrol in the poorest neighborhoods.  He didn't have any stomach for promotions, and what that took.    Besides, Murphy kept meeting different kinds of people who were interesting.  

2.    Murphy's heroes growing up were cops and soldiers -- in real life and on the big screen.  A hero was someone  who shows courage, honor, kindness, and sacrifice.  That's who Murphy wanted to be.

3.     Murphy grew up among men, his father and brothers (his mother having died when he was  a  baby).  They  taught  him to look sharp all the time.  Out of uniform, Murphy's uniform was slacks, leather jacket, polished shoes, expensive watch, and a gold chain  around his neck.   


4.    Murphy followed his uncle, who had taught him how to play bagpipes, and joined the NYPD Pipes and Drums.  It was a happy thing to do, playing pipes at parades.  It was a honorable thing to do, playing pipes at a fellow cop's funeral.    And then Murphy bought a big Harley hog to be part of the motorcycle rallies his brothers like to participate in.

5.     Murphy got on with all his brothers in blue, but increasingly --  over the years -- he became uncomfortable with how some of the white cops  talked about other people (some of those cops his friends).   But Murphy stayed silent or tried to change the subject to sports or grumbling about management.

6.    On Septemer 29, 2013, Murphy participated with other cops in a motorcycle rally called 'Hollywood's Block Party'.   Riding in a group on the Henry Hudson Parkway, Murphy saw a cop participate in the infamous beating of Alexian Lien.   Murphy kept silent about what he saw, but after that he didn't want to be a cop anymore.  He stored the hog in the garage.

7.    Murphy was now miserable and lonely being a cop.  But he didn't know what else to be.    Then one day on a shift in Brooklyn he ate dinner at a diner and his waitress made him laugh.   He didn't know why, but it felt important.   Murphy started visiting the restaurant when he was off duty.  He didn't think the waitress could be interested in him -- she was Latina and maybe ten years younger.  But when he finally asked her out, she accepted.  

8.    She became Murphy's girlfriend, and though he had dated before, this was something different. It turned out she was carrying a lot of sadness.  Since her husband had been killed, it had been hard raising her son DEREK.  He was a lot like his dead father, and that wasn't such a good thing.   Murphy listened to her, and she was able to cry.  And then Murphy was able to talk to her, and he cried -- and he wasn't ashamed.

9.    Only after they had been dating over a year and Murphy had  proposed to her, did his new fiance feel ready to introduce Murphy to her son.  It was also that Derek himself has a positive new direction in life.  Derek has stumbled into a career as a film Grip.  Suddenly his mother  can imagine her son living a life on his own.   So why can't she start her life again with Murphy?   


Almost defiantly (because she is full of guilt)  she introduces Murphy to her son.  It is then Murphy discovers his fiance  has kept her relationship with Murphy secret from Derek (talk about awkward!).  


Murphy can understand why Derek is pissed,  but believes Derek will get over it when he sees how good he, Murphy, is for Derek's lonely mother.

10.   They marry, despite objections from her son and Murphy's own family, and she moves to New Jersey. Her son

declares hard love and that his mother is dead to him until she moves back home to Brooklyn (without Murphy) to honor anew his father's memory.   

His mother is as stubborn  as her son. She tells Murphy she will only be happy if Murphy can win Derek over and get him to visit them in New Jersey.

11.     Though Murphy finds Derek to be spoiled and childish, he chews back his own anger and impatience. Murphy starts staking out Derek in Brooklyn, determined to get him to talk and bring him to visit his mother.

12.    Derek can only see Murphy as a cop -- one of those who never cared enough to find his Papi's murderer, and now has taken his Mami away.  Though Murphy is no longer an active duty cop (he still plays with the Pipes band), he still has cop quirks:

a)    Keeps hands in pockets (when an undercover he kept a gun in his pocket). 

b)   Can be a little touchy feel-ly with guys (from being the 'good' cop who’s ready to pat you on shoulder or give a hand up, while also patting you down).


c)   Is very punctual.  Looks at watch a lot to be exact about time.  

d)   When getting ready to pounce -- or needing to hold himself back -- puts his tongue between upper lip and teeth and chews on it.   

e)    Constantly looking over his shoulder. 

13.    One good things comes out of Murphy's frustrated pursuit of Derek in Brooklyn.  He runs into a cop he use to work with who is excited about the week of extra work he just did -- playing a cop! -- on a big film production.   It is an Eureka moment for  Murphy.     That's what he'll be, an actor!


10.    Favorite Movies



Saving Private Ryan   (1998)