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Moyram Espino is a Dominican-American from New York City.  His passion for acting led him at an early age to a performing arts grammar school.   


Moyram loves exercising as much as he loves acting! His vision is to combine his martial arts background of Judo and Jujutsu with his acting and one day become the Latino Action Hero of film and television that he himself longed to see as a kid.  


Moyram is currently appearing in the web series "Silent Cries" and "Bum Rush", and has a leading role in the upcoming "Start From Scratch" web series.


Moyram is beyond excited to  have a part in this great collaborative project THE CREW!  He’s hoping he’s entered the Twilight Zone where actors become the parts they play -- and so looks forward to playing the Famous Actor!



Important facts about the Famous Actor that you might (or might not) relate to:

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1.    A devoted son to his Mami, he has been the little man in his family, helping to bring in income since his Papi died when he was ten.  

2.    A quiet guy in a rowdy neighborhood with gangs, he started training in Jujutsu because he didn't want to be a victim.  (His motto becoming: 'My hands are empty, but I fear no man.')

3.    All the money he made (from deliveries, stocking, cleaning, waiter) he gave back to family -- except for his comics collection -- Marvel and Manga -- and buying tickets to all superhero,  martial arts, and Fast and Furious films (and all Vin Diesel, a fellow Dominican).

4.    When he was nineteen he was recruited from his neighborhood martial arts dojo to be the sidekick in a B action movie.  Thus launching his film career without ever studying acting.   (And now he's old enough to be embarrassed by his lack of acting chops.)

5.     As a newly signed actor he was required to change his name to something more mainstream.  But back in his old neighborhood instead of calling him by his new name -- they started calling him their Famous Actor.


6.     His dream was to become the actor who plays Marvel's first Latino superhero White Tiger .    Or maybe he could be El Gato Negro,  the Latino Batman  (who lives in El Barrio and is a social worker by day).  The Famous Actor  wanted to become the action hero he wished as a kid he could have looked up to.  


7.     He's never got beyond being a sidekick in B action movie.   And getting less of those, the Famous Actor is now mostly the bad guy or ex-boyfriend with a few lines  in low budget dramas and comedies.    


8.     The Famous Actor's in a panic about how to revitalize his career -- while reducing  the expectations of his family for $ support.

9.     The Famous Actor is single, lonely, and not sure who to trust.

10.   Favorite Films:



(Bruce Lee & Jim Kelly!)