Lawrence Kochoa is       




Lawrence, born, raised, and living in Jersey City, NJ, is always on the move, exploring life and studying and honing his craft. He has had an affinity for film throughout his life. His first on camera role was as a grocery robber who got "shot" and put down.  Since that time Lawrence has been involved in film, theater, and improv.  He had a role in the full-length independent film "Billboard" and in the Investigation Discovery Channel's "The Perfect Murder."    


Aside from acting Lawrence is an avid "foodie" who also cooks, and has set out to try every type of cuisine.   He enjoys staying active which includes playing basketball at least once a week, and getting up to change the channel (rather than being lazy and using the remote).


Facts about Lawrence:

1.  NY Knicks fan since birth 

2.  Is Filipino (primarily)

3.  Enjoys Spanish music -- Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton,         etc.— without understanding the lyrics!

4.  Studied Political Science and Philosophy

     at Rutgers University

5.  Was a radio DJ with 90.3 ("The Core") Station

     at Rutgers

6.  Two of his failed endeavors -- going to Nursing

     school and learning the bass guitar

7.  Can do a number of impressions.

8.  Worked in a butcher shop in high school




1.  Dante  was the popular guy in high school, while Anthony was his shy brainy friend who followed.  That all got reversed when he followed Anthony to film school.  Dante's still in shock, pissed and confused that he lost his mojo.

2.  Works as a gaffer only on Anthony's shoots.  Survives otherwise as an Uber driver (but that's threatened by the number of complaints lodged against him).

3.  Dante's Dad is a Vet with PTSD  who can't hold a job and is in and out of his family's life.  Even though Dante got college paid for because of his Dad's condition, he wishes his Dad would disappear for good. 


4.  Dante also wishes  his overly sensitive twin brother would disappear too, and then it will be just Dante to protect his Mom.  

5.  Identifies with Latino (not Asian) culture, macho men, sport heroes, and superheroes.  He's a big NY Knicks fan who's upset about how much they suck now.

6.  Wears dark hoodies and leather and always has his fidget spinner toy. 

7.  Alternates from being stuck in cruise control -- to forcefully trying to bend people to his will.  When frustrations spill out he breaks and knocks (little) things over -- so it almost seems like  an accident.

8.  Mocks people by imitating them. 


9.  Sniffs when doing something he      doesn't want to (or making a point)  Plays with chin hair when nervous.  Constantly fixes hair and clothes,  looks  at his reflection in anything shiny.

10. Favorite Movies:


SCARFACE  (1983) 

JACKASS  (2006)