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Duke Williams was born and raised on Long Island, NY, and has made his home in Canarsie, Brooklyn.  Duke has always loved movies.   Actors like Idris Elba, Denzel Washington & Leonardo DiCaprio have been huge inspirations to him.    


But the film that first made him want to be an actor? --- PULP FICTION.   "After I watched the way Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta worked their first scene together, I was hooked."  (Watch the “Big Kahuna Burger” scene)  


Duke’s first audition that landed him a role was a production called Kings at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the East Village. He is a graduate of Buffalo State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Finance, and a minor in Theater Arts.  What started as minor became major.  Duke’s appeared in a number of short films and feature films in Buffalo & NYC.   Duke is a part of the “Black Panties” Cast which was on RevoltTV’s  List of Top 5 Web Series to Look For in 2017.  

In addition to film, Duke has appeared in various theater productions.    His lead roles have include: Romeo in Romeo & Juliet; Ben in the Dumb Waiter; and Elegba in The Brother’s Size.     Duke appeared in the Afrikan Woman's Repertory production of Imani.     


Duke is pursuing acting full time.   He’s excited to be ANTHONY in THE CREW, and sees the workshopping process as helping to educate him towards his eventual goals of writing, directing, and producing films.   



1.   Anthony believes he's nothing like his mother BETTY.  He Identifies with the father he never met.   The one thing Anthony knows about his father was he loved playing baseball.  So Anthony grew up playing baseball. He was good at it, But it felt like something he had to do, not something he loved. 


2.    In high school he took the one media class because it sounded cool to play with cameras.  Once Anthony took the class, it was more than play.  It was his life beginning. 


It would lead him to take on a huge amount of student debt in college.   Which now  makes it a struggle to keep a roof over his head as Anthony pursues his film career. 

3.    Though friendly and at ease with his high school peers, Anthony had no close friend until he unexpectedly bonded with his teammate, DANTE,

who had swagger and knew how to have fun. 


When Anthony wanted to go to film school but was afraid, it was Dante saying  he'd go too that gave Anthony the confidence to do it.


Now out of college, it becomes hard for Anthony to ignore the increasing negativity of his best friend .

4.  Outwardly Anthony dresses in casual and neat hip-hop.  Inwardly he has a developing taste for retro culture.

5.   Afraid to depend on others, he furtively welcomes the prodding from his new DP KAZIA to change.

6.   Anthony's had one BIG relationship.  He and MICHELLE  were both college freshmen when they fell for each  that  first day in class (though it took over a year for them to get together).   Their differences opened up new worlds to them both.     


But after college things got complicated.  Anthony begin to think the relationship was draining his creative juices   (as well as his pride taking a hit with  Michelle  already making good money).     

Anthony broke it off with Michelle, but remains really attracted to her (which makes him act angry and standoff around her).   Michelle keeps running into him (that's what it feels like -- is she stalking?).    She always wants to help him or give him something.  Which is irritating -- but she does know people....


7.    Anthony's biggest assets -- passionate, resilient, kind.  He hides vulnerabilities, but starts to let them show to APRIL who brings out both the real and playful in him.

8.  Key prop: a cellphone tripod he pulls out when he's alone -- using it to help frame random images he shoots on his phone makes him feel like a filmmaker.

9. Not religious, he's drawn to TOKI who talks about being on a spiritual quest.   It meant something that they meet in line for Toki's favorite film -  SEVEN SAMURAI  (1954). 


Anthony  has growing faith that he too is on some kind of  spiritual path -- and ultimately it will lead to worldly success (and the making of his feature, MARVIN).


10.   Favorite Films:   ????  

Clips from Duke's audition and call back