Hands up!  That's me.


This site is so ME, as artist, teacher, and human.  I'm hoping the colorful, retro (at times cartoonish) collage style I've used will come off as dialogue -- rather than static text.  

As I developed the site I asked people for feedback,  directing them to look on a large  screen -- not a cell  where design elements are lost (i.e. animations, colors, columns, etc.) and re-sized slides hard to read. 

Some warned -- "But that's how everyone will look at it -- on their phones!   You have to make it cell-friendly to get clicks ! "  

So in the middle of content I’ve loaded up lots and lots of links to outside articles and videos.  It’s me saying: “Stop!  Have a detour.   If you don't understand (aren’t interested in) what I'm talking about, follow this link to someone else who has more info or a different approach."   

Out of this work grew many questions for me about how we counseled and how people heal and grow, as well as the limitations of counseling working adults in a crisis situation -- when so many concrete resources are often lacking.  (Plus there was my own burnout -- rape and battery stories everywhere I went !  See my PROFILE.) 

Doing the work, what excited me was what I called 'taking people into the light'.  Creating a situation that made them playful or happy or excited about learning.  

I set out to learn how to make my own films and I stumbled into low/no budget short filmmaking.  I grew to love it as an open-ended vehicle for adult learning.  From there I stumbled into teaching and founding  Brooklyn Young Filmmakers.