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Claire was bit by the acting bug over a decade ago when at age ten she played Mary in a church pageant.  More pageants and dance recitals led to high school and community theater productions. Some of her favorites include West Side Story, Les Miserable and Alice in Wonderland.  


In 2016, Claire graduated from  the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City (Broadway  literally its backyard), with a growing  love for comedy, improv and film.  


Most recently she has been seen in A Sketch of New York and performing at the Broadway Comedy Club as a part of Awkward Phase, a new sketch comedy group she is also producing.

Claire is thrilled by all the creative opportunities THE CREW Series Workshops have offered herself and the other actors, as they contribute as an ensemble to growing the characters and storylines, as well as messages, of THE CREW.  


As a part of the unique process which involves the actors in the actual development of the Series, Claire has also sitting been sitting on the other side of the table as the Casting Coordinator, assisting in building THE CREW Ensemble.  And in time she has become an important muse and sounding board for Trayce, the Writer/Showrunner.


  Important facts about April that    you might (or might not) relate to

1.  New to NYC from a small town

     that was a lot more like 

     Brownsville, Brooklyn than


2.  Is an ambitious actress without        a lot of formal training and no          connections 


3.   Sleeps in a kitchen in an illegal         share in Bushwick

4.  Refuses to give up the last of

     what represents home to her --

     Mabel, an old car prone to

     costly breakdowns 

5.  From Muscle Shoals Alabama 

     where her beloved Uncle worked

     at a famous recording studio 

6.  Loves old movies

7.   Had a "Mommie Dearest" Mother

8.   Wide open to life -- except when

      talking about where she comes         from



1.    April is excited by all the new kinds of experiences possible in NYC, having escaped the smallness of her life in Alabama -- more a Brownsville (Brooklyn) than a Manhattan.  

2.    April trys to channel the spirit of her Grandma; Southern wit and grit,  Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire; and  craftspeople who love what they do. 

3.    Her plaid shirts, jeans, battered suede boots and baseball cap are functional, but it's also her hiding out.

4.    Broke, living in the kitchen in an illegal share in Bushwick, April tries to avoid her roommates -- two hostile half-witted couples who do drugs.

5.     April finds refuge downstairs in the Hatmakers (Millinery) storefront, home to a Fellini-like shop of flamboyant and intuitive characters. They make hats for all things showbiz -- film, TV, stage, commercials, and the Kentucy Derby -- and attract everyone human.   


6.     Challenged by the streets, rules and cost of NYC, April struggles to take care of "Mabel", a  (1979) Ford Thunderbird passed on by Grandma.  It represents  the only tie to family April has left -- and it means she has  a way to flee if life comes to that (again). 

7.    April is embarrassed that she has no acting experience or college.  But she has practical and business smarts and backbone from having worked at a rough and tumble music studio in Muscle Shoals.


8.    Determined, resourceful,

practical, and observant -- she is 

easily sidetracked when haunted by her past and embarrassed by her emotions; 

9.    When emotional, April nervously taps on any and everything.

10.  Favorite Movies:

TOY STORY 2 (1999) 

('cause of Jessie)