“THE CREW” Series 


AUDITION for Actors Ensemble


or  INTERVIEW for Trailer Production Team



To Complete Our Ensemble  

                      (Follow link for more complete character descriptions) 


                              BETTY                45yrs, Caribbean 

                           PRESTON           27yrs, Caucasian



To Complete Our Trailer Production Team

We're looking for Production Assistants for


  • Tech Crew (Camera, Lighting, Sound) 

  • Production Design Team                                           (Sets, Props, Wardrobe, Hair & Make-up)

  • Storyboards

  • Producer

                                     "THE CREW" SYNOPSIS 

In New York City filmmaking is a $9 billion a year industry -- but it doesn’t reach into Brownsville, Brooklyn, where ANTHONY, a low/no budget black filmmaker shutout from opportunity, survives as a waiter as he tries to transition from directing music videos to making his own films, while hustling to keep together his culturally mixed crew of rebellious outsiders.  Primary Locations:     Brownsville and Bushwick



To be part of a truly collaborative and committed team, working to package and sell THE CREW Series.   We are shooting THE CREW Trailer in October to include in our package.   Our package will include the (10) 30 minute Scripts for Season #1, and our Series Bible covering Seasons #2 and #3.  The Trailer will showcase our Actors Ensemble.   

We are all investing our time into this project.   We love our scripts and our team, and know our content is unique, timely, and professional.    When we sell THE CREW Series we’ll create employment doing what we love, with people we want to grow with.   


  • Read  THE CREW Episode#1 /Pilot  before applying

  • Enjoy being part of group workshops and brainstorming sessions

  • Have availability for workshops, rehearsals, and October Shoot (Dates TBA)

  • Committed to open and responsible communications and follow-up

  • Like to laugh and break bread with other creative and passionate souls

  • Live in Brooklyn or bordering Queens neighborhood (preferred)

If you are interested in interviewing for our Production Team email us a message about your Skills and Interests and why you are interested in the project.  We will respond back to everyone who applies!



In addition to fitting the Character Description: 

  • Enjoy developing character backstory, physical  improv, and handling props 

  • Sports, dance, or comedy background,  and special abilities, skills, or hobbies    a plus

Send your Photo, Resume, and a message about why you are interested in the project, and we will respond back.   If you seem appropriate for the role, we will give you Audition Dates. 


NOTE:   Actors who want to audition for PRESTON, that character does not appear until Episode #2.  If we offer you an audition, we will also send you the side for his first scene.