• Must have music samples online and create a Musician Profile for our online Directory.

  • Be willing to allow one-time use of music you’ve already created or new music you compose especially for the Team Challenge film project. 

  • Agree to let us record interviews and work sessions you participate in with the Team which we will use in teaching blog posts.   Though we will be working with only (2) Teams, sharing their experiences will help inspire others beginners.   

  • If one of the Teams reviews your Musician Profile and asks to interview with you, you agree to read their short script and indicate whether you are interested in setting up a meeting with the Team to explore a possible collaboration.  (You can turn down the request because you are not interested in the script / team or because of work you are not available.)

  • If you and a Team agree to collaborate, it will be up to you how much time you invest.  You could simply agree to allow them one-time use of already existing music and not meet with them again.

Who Want To Help Working Adults

Imagine As Creators

(not as beginners)