Andrew Leonforte is  




Andrew was raised and lives in Morris Park in the Bronx. He was an entertainer from a very young age, playing a guitar and singing songs he made up for his mom and her friends.  When he was eight he got his first vocal coach and for five years was part of a Broadway Artist Alliance training intensive. 


At age thirteen Andrew started going on auditions for agents and Broadway shows.   He got final callbacks for several shows and a second meeting with a big-time agent.

Then Andrew's grandfather fell ill with liver cancer.  His family had to focus time and resources on helping his sick grandfather. It wasn’t till he was 14 years old that Andrew got the opportunity to perform in his first show -- he played Max Jacobs in the musical 20th Century at his high school.  


That was all it took for Andrew to know it's what he wants to do for the rest of his life.   He pursued roles in theaters around the community and started to audition for Broadway shows again.

Recently Andrew started learning the ropes of how film sets work by doing background roles in big film productions.   As his interest in doing film and TV increased, he enrolled in a six week acting conservatory program.  After graduation, with increased confident in his abilities he started auditioning for film and TV projects.   


AARON in THE CREW is Andrew’s first ever film role.  He’s excited how the project’s workshoping process is helping him to continue his learning. 


  Important facts about Aaron that    you might (or might not) relate to

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1.    Aaron never talks about family or his background.  He can't bear to have  others know his story and how he has lived. 

2.   Wears secondhand jeans and too big golf shirts and hoodies, that make him look smaller and vulnerable, which is contrasted by the seemingly new camouflage bomber jacket he wears that fits him perfectly and is a prized possession.   

3.    After years of surviving on his own, stumbling onto being part of filmmaking is like he's entered  a secret portal into a fantastical world full of learning and people who  interest him! 

4.    Lacks social skills as if raised in isolation; doesn’t know how to talk about himself in the simplest way. But he wins people over with his super enthusiastic and being a  quick learner.    Like an autistic savant, he absorbs complex details and instructions with ease.

5.    When something he wants is offered he goes at it with a childlike greediness ignoring other people's needs.  


6.    If someone praises something he does  he analyzes everything he did so he can keep repeating exactly.

7.    Reluctant to be touched; never initiates physically contact himself 

8.    His Path:  Sound!  Was teased as a kid for having big ears.   Has come  to believe he has super-hearing, and this  special skill could make him into Someone.  


9.   Aaron always wears his big professional headphones around his neck like his jewelry, touching and holding on to them at times.  


10.  Is in awe of expert craftsmanship  -- when people know how to use brains, tools, and hands to do something amazing.