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Aidan grew up doing bits with his friends before he knew the word "bits."  He not only quoted Monty Python to his friends, he also got them to help him re-shoot the Python’s most famous sketches! He loved expelling his overload of goofy energy by imitating Jim Carrey!


It was Mrs. McGarty, his 8th grade Social Studies teacher at the Bromfield School in Harvard, MA, who, after enjoying a particularly "animated" presentation by Aidan, said the magic words – 'Why don’t you become an Actor?'  Just as important, Mrs. McGarty knew how to help Aidan get started because her Mr. McGarty was head of Bromfield’s Theatre Department.


(What really sold Aidan on acting was when he realized the kisses in the romantic scenes were real! :)


Aidan graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama and has taken part in numerous festivals and theatre intensives, learning everything he could soak in. He’s enjoyed both comedic and dramatic roles in mediums ranging from film, web series, and on stage to children's theatre, improv, and sketch comedy in the East Village.


In the brief interludes between acting gigs, Aidan enjoys watching lots of movies!  Here he’s shares his other passions:



“All kinds of things. Two of meals I've been making a lot lately are leek pasta with chicken (leeks, sun dried tomatoes, white wine – here’s one recipe, just remember to add wine!) and sesame-crusted salmon with a maple-soy sauce glaze (recipe).  Now I'm getting hungry...:) “



“I grew up learning punk (because I liked it and it was easy).   But I've been learning more blues lately and expanding my range!    I own both electric and acoustic, but typically I play the acoustic to be kind to my neighbors.”


“My two favorite games of all time are Shadow of the Colossus (an adventure/puzzle, like exploring a Hayao Miyazaki film –  a filmmaker known in US for Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke) and Dark Souls. (plus another epic adventure game I like that delves deep into nihilism and absurdism - The Existential Hero: Dark Souls through Kierkegaard, Camus, and Sartre).

Lately, I've been playing Overwatch, an online multi-player game with a huge cast which might be as colorful and diverse as THE CREW’s ensemble, plus the game’s funny and relies heavily on teamwork!”


“Top 3 favorite trips?    Japan, Egypt, and Iceland.   In September I'm visiting the Azores in Portugal !


“I’m thrilled to be a part of this impressive, ambitious project!   I’m bringing Alistair out of my bones and he’s going to leap(!) into THE CREW!”


Important facts about Alistair that you might (or might not) relate to:

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1.    Alistair's earliest memories are of his father throwing him high up in the air -- and Alistair the two year old being frightened, then delighted when  his father's bear hug catches him. He remembers his mother feeding him.  His grandfather rocking him.  And his brother PRESTON  stopping him from doing things (breaking and destroying). 


2.   When Alistair was four, his father and mother both seemed to disappear from his everyday life, something Preston seemed to understand as he stepped in a became a twelve year old parent to his little brother. (See PRESTON's Backstory for historical details)

3,    When Alistair was five he was sent to a top Connecticut boy's boarding school.   At night Alistair wondered why his family deserted him.   But soon Alistair excelled at games with his peers because he was serious about winning and knew how to promote himself.

4.    Alistair was happy when his grandfather would show up with his brother Preston, and take them both to a Yankees or Mets baseball game.  As they all cheered together, Alistair thought it would be cool if he and his brother could hang out and just be brothers.   

5.    When Alistair was ten he was sent home suddenly from boarding school, only to walk in on his father  raging.  From Preston, Alistair learned their grandfather had died.  Then he started to understand his father's angry words to his mother, "How could he leave my son only $10 million, and not until he's thirty-two!  Thirty-two!   I might not be alive then to guide him.   And Preston, why does he get so much more!  Why?!!"   But really ten year old Alistair didn't understand.

6.    In high school Alistair started working summers with his father learning the business.   At their weekly luncheon at an expensive restaurant, his father would tell Alistair they were going to grow the business in ways his grandfather could never dream of!  And one day they would own many businesses, not just one.

7.    In college he joins a fraternity of the most wealthiest brothers, and sets out to win every one of them over with his antics and loyalty.   Alistair never backs down from a dare.  Sometimes he tells people his Coke is spiked when it isn't.  He's a charmer with sorority sisters, but beyond a fun night he's only interested in what their families do.


8.     Alistair tells his father he wants to become  the richest hedge fund manager in Connecticut.  His father promises Alistair if he graduates  with honors and can show he has  connections, the father will loan him $5 million on his twenty- fourth birthday to begin his fund.  

7.    The year Preston turns thirty-two and comes into his trust fund is the same year Alistair turns twenty-four.  But Alistair doesn't get the loan from his father, only suspicious  excuses about why not yet.  Alistair starts to pursue his brother in Manhattan, hoping to convince him to stake him for the start-up loan he needs.

8.    Alistair believes it a weakness to show what he feels.  He creates a cover by making people laugh (and gets upset when they don't).  He only feels tired when he's alone, so he avoids being alone. 

9.    Alistair's basics are polo shirts,  khakis, and boat shoes.   But he jumps at any excuse to dress up in costumes or disguises.   He likes people not really seeing who he is.


10.  Favorite Movies: