We are a volunteer run project working to get support for our program model for a People's Hollywood.  Currently we offer our free online lessons aimed at Adult beginners.  You can send questions about the lessons to our Q & A Blog.   


Below is a list of  existing services that we know of to help you explore different low cost ways to educate yourself.    We are not connected to them, and our list has a Brooklyn focus.  





   BRIC Media Arts


It's primary facility is in Fort Greene, with satellite locations in other Brooklyn neighborhoods. BRIC offers low cost classes on camera, lighting, sound, and editing.  


Take a class then use their equipment and produce a show, and they will play it on their community TV station!   


Also BRIC has classes to help you learn how to produce your own podcasts and do interviews for studio shows and docs. They have a (3) Hour intro to Scriptwriting Class.


 Workshop costs and number of sessions vary. 

For beginner classes expect to pay $10 - $50;

For advanced $150 - $200  


  MADE IN NY Media Center


A center in Dumbo focused on filmmakers who know the basics and are now focused on getting their work financed and distributed.   They have co-work spaces you can rent, networking forums, and events covering the cutting-edge digital revolution in New York City (including gaming, web design, and advertising).   


They offer periodic workshops on topics such as designing narratives in virtual reality and international financing for film.   


If you are interested but a beginner -- don't be intimidated.   Take a class and you will learn about other resources to help you self-teach, as well as talk to students who know more than you and might mentor.


Workshop costs and number of sessions vary.   

Expect to pay $150 - $200  



A comprehensive free training program based in Brooklyn that helps unemployed or low-income New Yorkers get started in careers in filmmaking. They only accept (80) high energy applicants a year out of the (100s) who apply. 


You don't need to know about filmmaking. You do need to already have good communication and social skills and be able to survive unpaid during the training time.  Aimed at people going for their first careers (20s-30s).

NYC Parks Department Media Lab


The Parks Department has 32 Media Lab facilities spread over the five boroughs.  In addition to teaching computer skills they also teach camera and editing. 




Located below Canal Street, the Downtown Community Television Center offers a larger selection than BRIC of camera, lighting, sound, and editing courses.  It also rents equipment and studio space. 

Workshop costs and number of sessions vary.   

Expect to pay $75 - $350  



Located in the West Village, the School offers a wide range of beginning and advanced Acting classes including Acting for Camera, as well as Improvisation, Singing, and Voiceovers.   


What's great is if you are curious about how Actors train (even if you don't want to be one) you can do a one-time audit of most of the classes and watch!   

You can do a $20 one-time audit of a class!

Most classes are (3) hours for (10) weeks and cost $475 - $645 



Many established filmmakers and craftspeople (i.e. props, set, camera, lighting, wardrobe, and hair and make-up) didn't go to film school.  Instead they were self-taught by doing their own projects or by working on other people's projects.   


Often they started out as unpaid Production Assistants (PAs) helping out wherever needed while getting a firsthand view of all the jobs on a set.   You too can volunteer and get experience! 

MEETUP is an online platform that enables individuals to create (for a monthly fee) their own groups of interest and host local in-person meetings and events. You can join meetup for free and then search it's many groups for ones that interest you. 


If you go to the site and hit the tab 'Groups' (rather than 'Calendar') and put 'Film' in the search bar, you will find a huge selection -- ranging from film clubs that watch films to groups that make short films together to support groups for writers, directors, and actors.

Many of the groups are free or only have a small charge to cover costs. Attend a group once or regularly. 


Checking out a few meetup groups is a great way to get use to meeting strangers and practice promoting your own interests to others.




There are many film festivals in New York City.   We recommend that you attend the smaller local ones.   If you attend a screening of a film you like by a local filmmaker you can go up to the filmmaker and volunteer to help out on their next film.   


If the filmmaker isn't at the screening, the festival organizers can usually help you contact the filmmaker.    Don't be shy!   


You might ask (10) different filmmakers if you can volunteer with them and they all say no, and then the next filmmaker says yes. 


Persistence and constantly improving on how you present yourself is key to developing and finding mentors!    Brooklyn Festivals to check out include:

Bushwick Film Festival

Week long event each year in October

Crowns Height Film Festival

Weekend long event each year in October

Williamsburg Film Festival

Week long event each year in November

Brooklyn Film Festival

Week long event each year at end of May