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As a kid every time TITANIC was on TV Adrian pretended to be Jack in the death scene.  When the first X-MEN film came out he wanted to change his name to Cyclops!  But though his family watched TV all the time, no one but Adrian was into acting out scenes.  No one else ever thought about what it would be like to act as a career. 


After a while all of Adrian’s acting out scenes started to annoy people around him.  He started to act out only in his head.  After a while he stopped doing even that. Though he kept thinking up ideas for TV shows, outwardly his passion went into Little League Baseball.  But he never liked that the other kids played to win -- while he played to have fun.

In 9th grade Adrian took his first drama class and learned to improvise and act with an ensemble.  The next year the drama class was cut from the school budget.  


Then in his senior year a college counselor referred him to a community center offering acting classes and he did his first audition! He got in and was cast in his first play. 


Adrian went on to Long Island University, Brooklyn campus, and majored in speech while taking theater classes and doing plays and stage readings.   


One day when he was doing work study in the theater box office, the manager told him,   “If you really want to pursue acting go to a school that has it all.  Don't waste four years here doing a major you're not passionate about”. Adrian took what she said and left LIU.  He auditioned and got into the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

Since graduation Adrian has been busy with auditions.. He is excited about being cast in THE CREW and the workshop process that has offered new kinds of learning opportunities.


Important facts about Derek that you might (or might not) relate to:

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1.    Derek's most vivid childhood memories are from the winter when he was eight and  his Papi taught  him  how to pound a punching bag.  His father hung it in the basement of the building where he was super and where they lived.    After a sweaty workout together, his Papi would always declare proudly, one day his son would be another 'Little Tyson'.    When Derek was nine his father was killed by a stray bullet from a street brawl (no killer caught).  


2.    The father named his son 'Derek' after Derek Jeter, who won Rookie of the Year his first year as a Yankee. The father dreamed his son would also one day be Rookie of the Year.  The father had played his beloved baseball professionally in the Dominican  Republic, then came to New York and tried out for the Staten Island Yankees.  The father played two season and was dropped,  but by then he had an  American wife.

3.    When Derek was seven his father started training him hard to be ready for the Little League.  Derek took a bad fall and broke his leg.  He  developed an infection, which gave him a permanent limp.  Papi became a boxing fan.

4.    Derek's father never got on with his mother's people.   After his father died, Derek saw it as just him and his Mami, who he swore always to protect.   His mother at times did not know what to do with her clinging, angry son.  The times she felt closest to him was when they made  Pastelillos  together -- a Papi favorite --- and Derek would be gentle and  happy.   


5.    Derek grew up looking for a male to look up to.  In high school DANTE,  two years older, adopted Derek as a mascot.  Derek resented ANTHONYDante's best buddy and his school's star pitcher, who barely noticed Derek.


6.    Derek grew up strong and a hard worker; a guys-guy.  At nineteen, out of high school but going nowhere, a big budget film shoot came to his neighborhood.   Derek hung out and ended up getting one of the community  production assistant jobs.  The hard living Key Grip took a liking to Derek and adopted him as an apprentice, giving Derek  both a career and a father figure. 

7.     On the job Derek  wears jeans, tees, hoodies and work boots.   Going out he wears  slacks, a leather jacket,  polished shoes, and hair jell. 

8.     Derek is thrown into a rage when his Mami up and announces she is going to marry Murphy,  an ex-cop from New Jersey (after a year's courtship they kept secret from Derek).  When they marry and Mami moves to NJ, Derek swears hard love and not to speak to his Mami until she returns home to him.  Derek regularly makes Pastelillos by himself.  

9.    Derek loves action films and comics, deriving from them and his late Papi his belief that honor -- family honor --  is most important, and worth fighting for.  He  believes in drawing red lines that others aren't to cross. 


10.  Favorite Movies:

TITANIC (1997)